Q:  Why should these binders be preferred?


  • Thorough-cure
  • Good repairability of mould/core
  • Option of selection of suitable binder system collapsibility
  • No atmospheric effect on already-made mould/core when stored
  • Reclaimability up to 80%-90%

Q: How to arrive at %addition?

A: It is related to the desired strength of mould/core as decided by a foundry.

Q: How to control sand setting time?

A: It can be done in consultation with Technical Expart of supplier, by changing %addition of catalyst, strength of catalyst, changing the catalyst itself.

Q: Why the binder-catalyst system doesnot give same bench life of sand-mix throughout the year?

A: It is influenced by ambient temparature and humidity of atmosphere.Therefore catalyst addition and shop practice require adjustment to reach solution.

Q: Howlong the same supply of resin binder system can be used?

A: It has specific shelf-life under a specific storage condition as recommended by supplier. For best use it is mandatory to consume the material within the shelf life period.

Q: What are the other factors to be taken care of?


  • Avoid contamination from container, day-storage tank, mixer put to use, etc.
  • Protect the material from exposure to external heat
  • Not to use worm/hot sand for sand preparation
  • Protect skin, eyes from coming in direct contact with material In case of excess evolution of pungent gases from the sand-mix use nose musk and discuss with supplier
  • Follow Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) instructions

Q: Do these binders increase sand fusion defects in casting?

A: Organic binders don’t influence refractoriness of sand rather improves collapsibility & in turn reduce tendency if sand fusion. Actually there are many other factors for sand fusion defect in a casting

Q: Is there any connection to Inclusion defect?

A: Once the strength of moulding sand in combination with bench-life of sand mix is finalised the inclusion defect is likely related to gating system, moulding/coremaking discipline, making of liquid metal and pouring art.