DSC02146Background :

Carbon Additive / Recarburiser / Carburiser / Carburant is a product that is added to molten steel and iron to raise their carbon content to the required level for achieving related metallurgical properties. Carbon Additive includes Calcined Petroleum Coke, Graphite Petroleum Coke, Calcined Anthracite Coal, Electrical Calcined Anthracite, Natural Graphite etc.

Description :

As one of the leading industrial suppliers, we offer quality Carburiser from India. Our Carburiser ‘CARBOPLUS’ is based on Calcined Anthracite. It finds application in Gray iron, Cast steel. It reduces cost of steel production by enhancing usage quantity of scrap. Features:

  • Quality assured range of Carbon Additive
  • Comes with advantage of high absorption with no residue
  • Product recognized for high purity and efficiency levels
  • Provides for optimum heating in different industrial furnaces
  • Can also be offered as per specific requirements of the customers
  • Featuring low cost and high carbon content values
  • Finding suitability for enhancing usage quantity of scrap steel, thus bringing reductions in cost of steel production


Appearance : Black Granules

Fixed Carbon : 90- 95% min

Sulphur. : 0.3% max

Ash : 6% max

VM : 1% max.

Moisture : 1% max

H : 1% max

Size. : 1-5 mm (90% Min)


  • Rapid dissolution leads to increased efficiency, higher productivity and lower operational cost.
  • High Carbon recovery maximises material utilisation resulting in saving in production time and money.
  • Lower ash gives lesser slag formation resulting in lower furnace maintenance cost and cleaner alloys.
  • Low Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen prevents porosity formation.
  • Correctly sized grains facilitates faster dissolution, higher Carbon recovery and lower fines.
  • Lower moisture and volatile content reduce spatter or popping of molten alloy for the furnace and lessen noxious fumes

In general , CARBOPLUS works economical with reduced carbon consumption, tap-to-tap time and scrap rate.