Alphaset Resin (Ester Cure)

COOLSET 3010/3005

An Ester Cured Alkaline Resin binder (Commonly known as Alphaset Resin):


Among the popular no bake organic binder systems namely Acid cured Phenolic. Alkyd & pepset for making moulds & cores at ambient temperature, no one was found environment friendly. To overcome this problem. environment friendly alkaline phenolic binder system has been developed.

COOLSET- 3010/3005:

A two part cold set binder & hardner is a mixture of organic esters, used for making moulds & cores. Both batch and continuous mixers can be used.

Advantage offered by the system:

  • Free from Nitrogen, Sulphur & Phosphorous.
  • Water soluble Resin (Core box, patterns & mixers can be washed & cleaned with water).
  • Non corrosive hardners.
  • Easy stripping from the pattern. No sticking.
  • Can be used with all types sands of high acid demand values.
  • No casting defects with steel castings (Free from veins, scabs, erosions & hot tears) due to excellent high temperature properties superior to other no bake resins.
  • Collapsibility is very good.
  • Lowest gas evolution.
  • Offer reclaimability.
  • Excellent Casting surface.
  • High productivity and rapid strength development.
  • Excellent core storage.


  • Use of reclaimed sand up to 80% but the resin application rate would be same as that of new sand.
  • Resin Storage Life- up to 2 months.
  • Low Bench Life and sand compatibility.

Recipe & Air Set Properties:
Recommended Recipe:

Resin: 1.8 to 2.2% by Wt. of Sand

Hardner: 20-22% by Wt, of Resin

Bench Life can be varied- 4 minutes to 12 minutes.

The Chemistry of Curing: Click Here


  • Cost wise acid cure phenolic no bake -Cheapest
  • Alkyd & Ester cured phenolic -More or less equal
  • Pepset -Costliest
  • Acid cured phenolic no bake suffers from sand alkalinity, fumes during mixing & pouring and hot tearing.
  • Alkyd system: Poor hot strength & poor casting finish.
  • Pepset having irritating smell during mixing, has tendency to veining and Nitrogen build up during reclamation.
  • Alkaline Phenolic no bake gives cleanest environment, maximum resistance to hot tearing & finning & excellent casting finish. However it has low flexibility for bench life adjustment & poor sand compatibility.
  • However by putting continuous mixer & a vibration unit for sand compaction. This system can be standardized to avail maximum benefit including cleaner environment.