Phenoset Resin


PHENOSET 5001 provides a glue for use in production of exterior grade plywood


Appearance: Brown, viscous, free flowing liquid
Solubility in water Infinite
Viscosity at 25°C 80-130 Cps
pH 9.5 – 11.2
Density at 25°C 1.21

Packing :

200 kg/240 kg in M.S. Barrel


The resin should be stored in a cool dry place and kept as cool as possible. At 25°C, it may be stored for 4 weeks and for shorter durations at higher temperatures

Preparation of glue mix:

PHENOSET-5001 100 parts
Water 10 parts
Coconut shell flower 10 parts

In preparing the glue mix a mechanical stirrer should be employed preferably one equipped with a wall scraper

Highlighting points:

  • Because of inherent tack of the Phenoset-5001, it can effectively be used for pre-pressing technique.
  • Toxicant of choice may be added for glue line poisoning with resin adhesive, Phenoset – 5001 to impart resistance against biological agents responsible for decay and thereby to have a longer service life.
  • Treatment of plywood boards made with Phenoset – 5001 with preservative compositions based on acid copper chrome or copper chrome boric acid do not alter significantly the bonding property whether treatment is done by soaking process or in vacuum cum pressure impregnator.
  • No special cares need to be taken for use of Phenoset – 5001 except proper working.
  • Maintenance of excess stock is not required as delivery is prompt.
  • Formaldehyde emission has not been reported.