No Bake Furan Resin

Furan no-bake binder (Grade : Coolset – F5001) :-

Furan no-bake binder system is the new & latest technology, has been launched to serve the foundries better. It has some unique features & wide flexibility to use, which makes it popular & acceptable worldwide.

General specification:

  • APPEARANCE: It is a free flowing, pale yellow to brown, clear, viscous liquid.
  • DENSITY @ 20 C: 1.12~1.2 g/cm3
  • VISCOCITY @ 20 C: 55~150 cps.
  • pH: 6.5~7.5
  • SHELF LIFE: 6months ~1Yr.


HIGH STRENGTH: Can provide high strength at a lower addition rate thus improve reduction in binder costs up to 10~20%.

FASTER CURING: Due to faster curing property reduce production time, enhance productivity.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Free formaldehyde is >.05% which lesser than other furan binder system & addition rate in sand is lower which results in better impact on environment as well as at working point.

CASTING QUALITY: Can be used for steel, large & small ductile iron, non-ferrous alloys foundries. Lower addition rate of resin & hardener reduce gas evolution as well as defects like surface sulphurizing, abnormal nodulizing, gas-hole, pinhole etc.

COST EFFECTIVE: Due to high strength with a minimum percentage of resin can be achieved it increase the cost effectiveness.

RECLAIMATION: High reclaimation value of used sand is up to 95-97%.

THERMAL PROPERTIES: High temperature properties are very good leads to less casting defects & good dimension. Collapsibility is better than other binder system.

STRENGTH: Can provide high compressive strength for molds & cores. Moisture detoriation is low.

General application:

  1. Mixing ratio & procedure: Generally percentage of resin varies between 1~1.5% of the sand weight & hardener is 30~70% of the resin weight. Both batch & continuous mixer can be used.
    Add hardener to the sand & mix it for 5~60 sec. then add resin &amp: Mix it for another 5~60 sec. The sand is ready to use.
  2. Resin addition: Amount of rein to be applied depends on the sand quality,
    (Like grain distribution, shape, clay content etc.), structure & size of the mold & core. Resin addition should be as minimum as possible to achieve the desired quality of mold, core & casting properties. Material with a lower viscosity is easy to mix, increase the flow ability of mixed sand.
  3. Working time & stripping time: Working time, generally varies between 3’~15’ with a stripping time of 9’~40’. Decreasing or increasing the amount of hardener between 30~70% can control curing speed or alternatively a faster or slower grade catalyst can be used depending on the requirement. Depending on the customer requirement material containing higher working time can be delivered.
  4. Stripping time: It should be well judged. Early stripping may cause damage to the mold & delay in stripping may make it difficult to separate the mold from pattern.

HARDENER (Grade : Coolset-H/301) :-

Sulphonic acid series hardener is used for furan no-bake resin.

  • APPEARANCE: Brownish, transparent liquid.
  • DENSITY @ 20 c: 0.9~1.4 g/cm3.
  • VISCOCITY @ 20 c: 3~37 mPa.s
  • SHELF LIFE: 1 yr.


  1. Do not exposed to high temperature. Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place away from fire & heat.
  2. It may explode if mixed directly with hardener. Be well equipped with fire protection, emergency system of leak disposal, explosion proof ventilation system.
  3. Cutting or heating on the empty drums is prohibited without cleaning.
  4. May be irritating for skin & eyes.


  1. SKIN CONTACT: Remove polluted clothes & flush with clean water.
  2. EYE: Open eye-lid & flush with clean water.
  3. INHALATION: Go to open area & breathe. Incase of hard breath artificial respiratory therapy should be given.
  4. Ingestion: Try to vomit & contact physician incase of an emergency.

Comparative Study

Properties Furan No-bake Acid cure No- bake Ester cure No-bake Pepset No-bake Alkyd No-bake
Fumes at pouring on mixing point Mild pungent fumes Pungent fumes and eye irritation No Fumes Pungent Fumes and eye irritation Pungent Fumes and eye irritation
High temperature properties Very Good Good Excellent Medium Medium/Low
Veining properties Little Little No Veining Little Little
Scans and Inclusions Least Tendency Least Tendency Least Tendency Tendency is there Tendency is there
Lustrous Carbon defect Not prone Not prone Not prone Prone Not prone
Nitrogen pin holing tendency Not Prone Not Prone Nil Prone Prone
Addition level on Reclaimed sand 0.6 – 0.9% B.O.S.
30 – 60% B.O.R.
1.2% B.O.S.
40% B.O.R.
1.8 – 2.2% B.O.S.
22% B.O.R.
Bench Life at 30 deg. C 7 – 8 Min. 5- 10 Min. 4- 12 Min. 2 – 3 Min. 10 – 12 Min.
Stripping time at 30 deg. C 30 – 40 min. 15- 20 Min. 10 – 30 Min. 5 – 7 Min. 45 – 60 Min.

PACKAGING: For resin drums of 250 kg or 1200 kg plastic tank is used. For catalyst jars of 50 kg, 125 kg or 250 kg drums can be used. Packaging can be done as per customer requirement also.